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A very late update

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A very late update Empty A very late update

Post by bojidar4oto on 6/9/2019, 23:51

This is a very, very late communique from SDF headquarters.

We're sorry we have to announce this, but development of the Black Omega campaign has been discontinued. We have no plans for ever continuing development again as we have also disbanded the SDF Team and there's virtually noone to work on the project.

We thank all our fans, followers and players for everything. You guys were the fuel which kept development alive, which let us keep pushing every day to deliver more and better content. But, alas, real life is capable of crushing even the most stubborn.

This is our last message. We hope it finds you well. Farewell, and we'll see you again in a thousand years.

But, she tried to kill you, Sir...
I know. Everyone has the right to be protected. This is America!

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