Original Agamemnon Omega VFX Model Restoration

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Original Agamemnon Omega VFX Model Restoration Empty Original Agamemnon Omega VFX Model Restoration

Post by Blake00 on 13/4/2018, 18:54

Hi guys,

I followed Adam 'Mojo' Lebowitz‎ on facebook a while back as he worked at Foundation Imaging back in the day and to this day still posts lots of cool renders and behind the scenes stuff from that era. When I originally followed him it was because he was posting cool restorations of old DS9 ships to show it was possible if Paramount decided to remaster the series on blu-ray (they didn't *sigh*) and I didn't find out until later that he'd originally worked on Babylon 5 too! 

And sure enough he's recently posted something really cool from those days on B5. He's restored the original Agamemnon Omega VFX Model and it looks great! He also references a new Omega model done by a Chris Khun who I don't know but if his work impressed Mojo then it must be good! Need to find it!

Here's the pic on facebook, hopefully its viewable to non-followers:

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