New Mission: BSG April 10, 2014

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New Mission: BSG April 10, 2014 Empty New Mission: BSG April 10, 2014

Post by Citizen5150 on 11/4/2014, 16:21

Here is a mission I made to show off my Shuttle Skins. (2.16M)
Beta Sedigitus Gathering

Created April 10, 2014

Your Ship:
"Hound Dog 1" SA-23E Skin: sf_skin_Cerberus Team:"EA"

Primary Objectives:
1. Escort Executive One to the station.
2. Defend EA Ships and Stations.

Secondary Objectives:
1. Scan Unknown ships as ordered.

Contact List Legend:

This mission is made for all 4 skill levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Ace).
If the current level is not for you, please change to a level more to Your ability.

;(5e,9m,10h,12a) = # of ships on each level
;(Easy Level 5 ships, Medium Level 9 ships, Hard Level 10 ships, Ace Level 12 ships)

*Team EA*Lime*
(6e,5m,4h,3a) "Hound Dog" SA-23E Skin: sf_skin_Cerberus
(1) "Cerberus Colony" Ringstation
(3) "Alpha" SA-23E Skin: sf_skin_EASec
"Executive One" ea_crew_shuttle Skin: Eacrew_ExecutiveOne
"Lambda 1" ea_crew_shuttle Skin: Eacrew_Perseus
"Psi Corps 01" ea_crew_shuttle Skin: Eacrew_PsiCorps
"Omega 571" ea_crew_shuttle Skin: Eacrew_Omega

*Team Neutral*Teal*
"Jumpgate ECTO-1" narn_jumpgate
"Orilla" asteroid01
"P3X-774" asteroid02
"Celestis" asteroid03
"Bracewell Probe" md_comsat
"Von Neumann Probe" md_comsat
(1) "Mesa Observatory" PIRATBAZA-2 Skin: rs_skin_PIRATBAZA-V2
(1) "LP 1" Landing Platform
(1) "LP 2" Landing Platform
"Hadley's Hope" ea_transport Skin: eafr_blue
"Nostromo" ea_transport Skin: eafr_green
"Weyland-Yutani" ea_tanker
"M-56" maintbot
"MG-42" maintbot
"Hyperdine 120-A2" ea_crew_shuttle Skin: Eacrew_skin
"Red 04" ea_crew_shuttle Skin: Eacrew_Red04
"Blue 07" ea_crew_shuttle Skin: Eacrew_Blue07
"Green 02" ea_crew_shuttle Skin: Eacrew_Green02

*Team Purple*Magenta*
"Royal Violet One" ea_crew_shuttle Skin: Eacrew_Centauri
(6e,9m,12h,15a) "Regal Viper" sentri

*Team Enemy*Red*
"Fesarius" narntransport
"Du'Rog" gquon
(12e,16m,16h,16a)"G'Qusil" Frazi
(1h,1a)"Ketalar" gquon
(16h,16a)"G'Queltath" Deltawing
(1a)"G'Etnoth" gquon
(16a)"G'Efazk" alphawing

*Team Unknown*Team Shadows*Yellow/Black*
(2e,3h,4m,5a) "Shadows"
"Unknow Alpha" ea_crew_shuttle Skin: Eacrew_Shadow
"Unknow Beta" alphawing Skin: Alpha_Shadow
"Unknow Gamma" alphawing Skin: Alpha_Shadow
"Unknow Delta" alphawing Skin: Alpha_Shadow
"Unknow Epsilon" alphawing Skin: Alpha_Shadow

Beta Sedigitus Asteroid field
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